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    San Diego International Triathlon

    San Diego Triathlon Series Free Training Clinics & Events

    A San Diego Favorite and part of the San Diego Triathlon Series. Register at www.sdtriseries.comInternational and Sprint Distances

    Subaru Summer Solstice 2016 Drive!

    San Diego Subaru Owners & Friends Adventure Group

    ATTENTION!!! It's that time of the year again! Subaru Summer Solstice has returned to the port of Los Angeles! Join us for the premiere Southern California cruise!!! This year San Diego Subies has the honor and privilege of teaming up with North...

    Sunday Coed Soccer!

    Casual Coed Soccer

    3 games 8v8.Late comers, waitlisters will be on 3rd field(IF THERE IS ROOM).In making this as welcoming as possible, please follow the simple rules.Arrive on time. Bring a colored shirt(NOT gray) AND a white shirt.NO SLIDE TACKLES OR SLIDING FOR...

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